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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy winter holidays! I was lazy and didn't decorate a tree on wizards, BUT! As a present to ya'll I made a floater tree, hope you like it!

And this picture is for TFN (Friendly)

Cause unicorns are cool lol.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Late mention!

I compleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetely forgot! If you ever need help just contact The Helping Hands ! It was a help group me and my friend made. We are at our current member max but request away for help!

Monday, November 15, 2010


This is one of my friend's friends house. Luke SwiftRiver. Luke owns The Helping Hands temporary house. That is till I get the house lol.

Change of address

Just about all of the wizard101 blogs are the ____ (school type), so I want to join in! I finally found out what I am The Personal Theurgist! For some reason I always seem to be the healer even if I am not life (or death); so yeah. The address will be changing soon! It will probably be done Friday as to give everyone a heads up. It will probably be ThePersonalTheurgist.blogspot.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010

YAY! And ugh!

My pixie queen just used life blade on me! And I missed it :( curse you BBC! You and your tv kicks but and distracts me!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Puzzle for test of spheres

Sense so many people had trouble with the last puzzle of the star section, I thought I make a post about it. (picture provided later)
Okay so there are four nods. Lets say we start with the one closest to the enterance of the dungeon and call that one, going clockwise labeling them 2,3, and 4.
Easy thing is hit 3, then 1, then 2, then 4. First 3 lights up 2,3, and 4. Then one makes it so 1 and 3 are lit. Hitting 2 makes only 2 lit, then hitting 4 makes them all lit. Only four moves. It really doesnt matter what you label 1,2,3, and 4. Just make sure they are labeled clockwise

Friday, November 5, 2010

A song for Celestia

This is a little late, but I was working on my death in the grotto and a song popped in my head. And I found a bit newer version of it placed with the lyrics on a slightly bit old game. Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Reply to friend

Okay so I was afk and my friend said SPIN BOY SPIN! ( I park when after, spinning around so I dont time out). I said I was pretending to be Aqua. I asked if he knew who it was so I found a video for him.

The first form is called Spellweaver and I was joking about the finish for it. It's a really fun game if you ever need a new game. I suggest that you play 1, 1.5, 2, pre 1 and this is like pre 2

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celestia is live

Really KI, worst day to pick, eva, besides monday of course. (Besides Mondays I dislike Wensdays too lol). Why couldn't it be on the weekend like the test realm? Well there'd be major major MAJOR trafic, I get that. But still. Anyways I am going back to training my death again to legendary. By the way,

Slight spoiler alert~~~~~
in the final dungeon, there are 7 battles required. 3 of which are boss battles. The first boss is the hardest. You want someone that can do DoTs to keep his shields off. They are like 95% or so.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Minion updates!

No one really posted these so I am.
Ice minion- Now uses ice spells, ice blade, ice bats, ice shark, etc. mostly mutated attacks
Life- Now attacks! mostly uses trap them leprechaun for first two rounds
Fire - now uses the ice storm shield and somescresen, link
Cyclops - health boost and can use ghoul, myth bat, seems to blade you more
Troll - seems to have a health bump
Death - no clue rarely used it lol
Balance - dont have one
Storm - dont know wasnt high enough lvl in live when test started

If someone could submit the info for all 4 balance and the storm that would be wondeful

Ready or not

Starts spinning and says in musical tone; Ready (spin) or (sping) not (spin) here comes celestia. Tomorrow it comes to LIVE so you wizs on labyrinth or higher quest like crazy, and skip those sides for the momment.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am starting a project were I am hatching pets for their abilities. This way I can have pets with the best defense / accuracy / strength / school specific / and maybe some special derby types. This way I can hatch with other players so they can get their dream pet! If you would like to contribute or came up w/ a good name for this project just comment!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Blog made!

I made a new blog! It's a co-op blog with my friend Angela RavenSong. It's called Wizard101 Rants (.blogspot.com no spaces). You can read about it on the blog. This blog is to get wizard101's public opinion out there

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gotta love apples

You just do, got two crown items and a unicorn statue from them so far

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selena ...

IS! A thermaturge! Good choice KI. lol. I am mostly on the test realm atm (at the momment) just listening to her music lol.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The winner is Salena!

Salena Gomez from wizard of wavely place is the new character to be in wizard101 https://www.wizard101.com/game/selenagomez . I seriously think KI couldn't have picked a better person. What do you think? And watch the video to see a new mount!

Monday, September 6, 2010

What one wizard do you not have?

What type of wizard do you not have? If you have two accounts please state so and which you don't have on each, and why you don't have that type, weither it be because you picked the others first or you don't like that school and why. As well what is your favorite school, and why. Don't just say "Because ___ is the best!!!" that doesn't work. Just comment or email me thanks

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Test realm open

The test realm is open. Nothing new is added, just to help speed up the log in phase. I had fun logging in having about 4-8 accounts running at once lol.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ever change the music?

Ever get bored with the games music? What type of music do you listen to? On what site? Any recomendations for others? I have been listening to paramore lately on paramore.net lol. This is the specific song I have been listening to the most http://www.paramore.net/video/emergency-2/

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wraith hits ancient

See? :o

Sampson hits ancient and the work payed off! Attack, pip, health, omg. I wonder if I train him more what he will give... maybe defense? Anyways he is one of my luckiest new pets(obtained after update) so far

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doing only main quests gets you to what level

Well I had this strange question from Angela Ravensong, she said "If you only do main quests can you still get to grand?" Well I said that on oran I did all of the side quests in marleybone krokotopia and wizardcity did doubles of some dungeons and a tiny bit of sides in mooshu and even less in dragonspyre, and I was still only level 48-49. So if you wanna be a grand by the time you get to malistare pick up some side quests that go along with your main, there are a ton of those in wizard city a few in mb kt and ms.

Wizard maintenance

Well hopefully they reduced the lag in crowded servers, but it doest take a long time to log on now with the line up and all. Though I am logging on at about 11:45am my time, so how many people could be on? Kids, teens, adults with no work, adults with nightshift.... Nevermind that is a lot lol, wiz is just that popular. Oooh I got to my character screen... aw says its too busy rats :/ not cool anyways I am gonna pick a wizard and stick with it sense it was like this last time and I changed got booted out and had to restart/wait in line. Farming with oran time! >w< if i can get on lol
See you in the spiral!
~All your dreams lie in your blood, it's just what you use your blood for~

Monday, July 26, 2010

Knowing what you got from hatching without going to the dye shop

The key is seeing if it says "___ only" really. As well as hatching time, normally a school pet obtained from hatching is 18 hours. While a hybrid is 21 I believe. And the proof is in the pudding. (Points bellow) That pudding.

Oran hits grand, new siggy hat!

All the necromancers are doing it now'a days lol. Oran claims this hat as his signature hat lol.

Anyways it's cool I have a grand necromancer Now. now all I need is his shoes, storm shoes and deck, and life deck and I have all my grand gear. The question is who next to level, fire or myth? We'll see ~~~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Explination on pet's caps

This is an explination of what people call "useless traits, cause I dont do derby"
For this explination I will be using Toby my faithful defenender piggle :D
Ok, SO. Toby was bought before the pet update so he already had the defender trait, but it was reset to 1. If you put your curser over one of the bars of the pet page it will tell you what it increase
Strength- Damage, resist, and pip
Intellect- Mana, accuracy, pip
Agility- Accuracy, health, resist
Will- Health, mana, damage
Power- Health, mana, damage, health, accuracy, resist, and pip. Now here are my pets traits, ignore the values except "Tireless"

So, Toby has, resistance, health, and a bar increase trait. Now many people think the bar increase only helps in derby. It DOES help in derby but also complements other traits. Now say I FULLY train EVERY bar of toby, will intelect power strength ang agility. As you train a pet in a certain area, if it has a trait that corresponds to that area it will increase. Ok so Toby's defense was set back to 1%. I train him in agility, strength, and power. As those bars fill, his defense trait increases. Now it is let's say 7% now with all the resistance bars filled. He now earns the health boost, so I traint in power, will, and agility (sense I already did agility and power it has already increased some).Let's say it ends at 90 health+. Now he earns "tireless" which is +25 strength and agility. With this boost I can train more in those specific sections. Now sense resistance falls under booth those categories, when I train the from the extra space I get from tireless, his resistance goes from 7% to 9% a big help. Also health boost falls under agility so it is boosted to 108. So thanks to the cap increase Toby got improved very well. Now yes it will also mean it takes less morale to cheer for your pet in derby, but we are focusing on outside derby. Now these cap boosts wont always be helpful sense the traits you get are random out of a certain pre-programed 10 (if it's a first generation pet). But I'm sure that Kingsisle made it so the traits will correspond in the end.

IF you have ANY questions on this subject feel free to email me at the address listed!

Hybrid day!

I decided to show my hybrids today. After trying to mix my colossus with my satyr, zilla, and a friend's friend's helephant, I now have 5 colossus(2 from school quest).
Sadly my army was growing too much and I have decided not to hatch with leo, my ancient colossus, for a bit. But (but?) BUT!I DID make some hyrbids.

Left to right, Ghoust Hound, Forest Oni, and Mythzilla. The zilla and hound are thanks to Angela Ravensong, sadly she got the orthrus I so wanted! >:I darn. Now she has ice and storm, fire is probably next on her list. Good luck to all hatchers!

Welcome to MY spiral!

I've been working on my storm's life house and came up with just the most wonderful idea with Mani(Mannequin's name, orignal right?) and just had to show you one part of my house that looks decent enough to show.

Mani is the cashier, he works for free sense I created him. As you can see, it's one of the coolest, hippest spots for teen pets, as well as wizards.
I may post more of the somewhat finished rooms on here, but this was the only one I could fit in one picture. I might just open it up to the public for a day or two someday lol.

Collection-Swords-Ds-100- COMPLETE!

Thanks to all my friends that helped! BUT, the people that helped the most are (lights dim, speaks slowly in a deep voice) SURI UNICORNGEM- ICE SWORD, ANGELA RAVENSONG- LIFE, EMMA ROSE- EVERYTHING ELSE BUT DEATH! Thanks sooooo much, now I just need mooshu swords(death and balance) and the staffs I can probably buy at the bazaar.

Finally, Oran is victorious!

Oran has achieved awesomeness!

My friend, Suri UnicornGem, stayed up EXTREMELY late with me to help motivate me to do quests to get to level 48, and do school quest. THANKS!

Now I just need to get to level 50 to put my grand gear on!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My life's life is getting better and better

You do not know how HARD it is to craft one of these lol. Then again it is hard to craft anything when not given the right motive.

Even though I crafted it on my life I will be moving it

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wizard101 crashing?

Seems like today about 5:30 central time, wizard101 crashed. Well at least for me. Seems like a storm had something to do with it, but I dont live in Texas so I don't know. Now I cant even get the correct login page, or get onto the main site, so I am asuming that is what happened. What a rotten time too. People getting off of work and they cant play wizard101. Oh well, what'cha gonna do?

Oran gets a new card

Oran finally hit level 38, did the school quest and got empower

I smelled the air here and I smelled a hot laptop, lol.

Yay a wraith, my fav death attack spell.
Oran got empower(yay?) I guess I can use it when I have a weakness on and I dont need to heal but do need pips, we'll see in the future

Monday, July 19, 2010

Being a team?

I've been working on my death recently, and noticed when farming with my grand friends when someone hits a target with my feint, curse (and sometimes other cards), they say "Nice hit" to the person who casted the spell, but not to the person that did most of the work. What's up with that? Anyone experienced this before?

Petnome is open!

The petnome project has been released! Though it is a little lacking and confusing at first they should be making it a tad easier soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finally I get a life sword!

Noah finally got a life sword, Redwind's Veridian Blade. Thanks Angela for helping me get this! You can see the pictures of the sword and Angie in the previous post.

Hard work payed off! Angie's wonderful wonderland!

Ok, well... my friend Angela RavenSong FINALLY finished her SUPER long awaited project. As soon as she went on to the test realm it was open, I heard her yell across the spiral, "OH MY GOSH! I SO WANT THAT! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!". Anyways she went RIGHT back to live realm and started on the recipes for the house. And here are some pictures from the house along with her friends, Fallon AshBlood and Elizabeth DreamWalker.
I loved this spot
I thought this was a good idea sadly it didn't turn out so well
Some of her many statues she farmed for lol
The girls really liked here but again distance problem
Taking this picture made me fall like I was gonna fall into Alice's Wonderland, lol.

Anyways now I can pick all the reagents I see when she's around lol.
Congrats once again, and keep on crafting. Good luck getting the other items crafted from the grizzleheim recipe vender!
Sorry for the pictures, for some reason I couldn't resize all of them besides the first.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Noah felt left out

With Alex getting Rufus to ancient, Noah felt left out, so he came out with his own mega pet! And he just HAD to show us some animations!

Now this blade you get after usint this card does 40% extra damage

(So what? We already have a 40% blade.) Well guess what, you can use both the blade from the ice bird AND the ice blade you cast on yourself! I did this with my balance friend having a regular balefrost, balance blade, blade storm, elemental blade, ice bird's blade, and an ice blade on War Oni. It did 785 damage per round, yikes! Sense I can do most of the damage without help my friend realized not to challange me to a 1v1 anytime soon lol. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally my LIFE is complete

I finally got Rufus, my life minotaur to ancient. YES! My Life ... wizard ... is complete! He also gives 4% life accuracy and 7% life defense too, awesome huh? Sadly no life shield proc. BUT, I can STILL make it so he gives more accuracy and defense, hehehe all in due time. In the picture is my life, Alex, and one of my Best friends in game Death or otherwise SURI UNICORNGEM! Go Suri! Besides Friendly she is the only other death I know that likes unicorns lol

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hatching might have some unknown effects

So as you know I hatched my colossus and stormzilla and got a colossus back (darn). Anyways you should also know I kept it cause it had a higher pedigree then both. Anyways it seems the colossus I hatched copied some of my zilla's taste in snacks. As most storm pet trainers know before the patch the stormzilla was INCREDIBLY picking about loving snacks. Anyway I had a hunch about my new colossus and feed it the one snack I knew the stormzilla loved .... a moon pie and got this
Yay theory prove so far. That hatching a pet will also send some of their love traits to like traits from the pet opposite of what the pet you recieve is (if not a hybrid) I will have to do some more experimenting before I can say this happens 100% of the time. Wish my luck collecting gold for this >3<.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't fear the reaper? What about the Cryptkeeper?

Well i was procrastinating on doing quests in Gh when I noticed this.

He moved. Why did he move? So I went ot investigate and saw this

Now I know they added crafting to Gh, but I didn't read anything about a whole new room for it, like in dragonspyre. So i thought it was pretty cool.... ice cold (sorry couldn't resist). Anyways thought I'd share this with ya, sense I have been busy questing training pets and what not.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pet hatching

Yay the price was cut in half! If not more! Anyways I hatched my Colossus, Leo 54(16) with my Stormzilla, Barney 53(11) and somehow got another colossus that is 55(0). Whats up with that? Thought they were suppose to be either same as the higher one or lower. Guess this colossus is special ;) I hope so lol

The patch is on

The newest lovely patch is up! Yet sadly not even level cap increase by 2. As well it takes some time to get on wizard. Dont worry it takes everyone a bit. It also takes a bit to change wizards too. Dragonspyre is now solo-able for ice students without taking 30 minutes on some battles woot lol

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New marleybone tower haters rejoice!

From zeke, the new tower in marleybone wont be required to go to Cl(celestia)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The way I think a pet should level

I have seen quiet a few posts on here about how someone got a pet and trained it for a long time to get a talent like +25 will and they found it useless. Sense when wizards level up, why not make it so a pet does too? What I mean is add ANOTHER columb.
Talents _(whatever you name it,KI) Derby
talents would be like they are now -the boosts and replacing with other minor things.Derby wouldn't change and This way it would balance the people who just want to use pets to fight and the derby racers. Don't you think?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yeva Spiderkeeper

Anyone notice when you defeat her she says she will return? Well on ravenwood radio they showed the new main enemy for wizard101 in celestia, THE SPIDER QUEEN! Cowincedence? I THINK NOT! o.o

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ravenwood Radio after party

the stars were out tonight, but there was one person i was scouting for specificly. Friendly, where were you?!?! I really wanted to meet you face to face.... well digital face to digital face, not the point. I was scouting for YOU(lol)! If you got Leesha to record the thing you'd see random "WHERE IS FRIENDLY?! I MUST SEE HIM!"s I declare myself friendlys most famous fanboy, all be jealous! And I hope to meet you in-game soon friendly :)
~Noah DreamBlood~

Super tower guide!

Here is the link http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80617
anyways all credit goes to the maker, it was pretty easy with my team (storm life fire balance) if you're stuggling with the test realm tower, this guide will be your savior! It was for me lol. Remember Celestia isnt open yet on test

Monday, June 28, 2010


For all of you guys that have been slaughtering skeletons, farming for a skeleton pet/crabling pet, your day of reconnning is at hand! There is a new tower in marleybone, and trust me by floor 4 you will be crying. There is a myth crab boss. Round one (tries to use wild bolt with 65% accuracy, fizzles) boss uses tower and earthquake! THEN SUMMONS 3 GUARDS! ice life and storm, each time my team lorded the storm would lord back! even without pips x.x
When we killed the storm skeleton the life one would revive it, and the ice would use giant, then next turn we'd get lorded again! o.o (SOS!) Anyways it is 100X harder then grand tower x.x
each time the boss got hit, bam lorded even by a wand attack, then bam tower and sometimes he'd quake with 1 pip :( sadness eh?

Monday, June 21, 2010

School pet combos and their cards

anyone notice that the new pet combos (here http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=70625)give all the same cards as the pet you start with, with the exception of 2 combos, orthrus and colossus, and wraith with orthrus. If you ask me then it should give the card it looks like and the school type the attack is should be based on what color it is, or the 2nd school pet that was mixed with

New pets

So I was doing some mega questing last night with Noah in Mooshu on Mossback's side quests. As well as farming and helping friends. Anways I got 2 pets from it :)

I actually wanted this but I'd trade it for a life minotaur in a heart beat lol.
I also got this little guy with Noah

But once again in a heart beat I'd trade them lol. Hopefully 1 of the 2 will use spells in battle or give good cards.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pet Games, Slack vs No Slack

As we all have probably noticed, on 2 of the pet games you can get better then perfect and still only get 4 points, these games are the cannon and maze games.
Cannon to get 4 points- 2 bullseye (yellow) and 1 Good Job(Red, yet some of us can get 3 Bullseyes, yet we still get 4 points. KI I suggest you tweak that game so if you get 3 bullseyes you get 5 points (being fair to the good players)
Maze- Gather 70 snacks for 4 points, any higher and still 4, I have gotten up to 90/+ before yet now I normally stop at 70 to do something else while the time runs out. KI I think that if you get 85 or 90 you should get 5 points, and 105 or all 6-7 points.

I know for those pet fanatics, they would love this, sense we can only play up to a couple of games then have to wait hours to be able to train more

Verses gobbler catch and dance game, where for gobbler you have to fill up all of the bars to get full credit, luckily the game stops when you hit full. Faster falling objects are worth more points, bombs and anvils slow speed and loss bar xp. Clocks increase time, yet also lower bar xp, hour glasses increase bar xp, slow all items, and increase your pets speed(as well as making it normal if you were slowed down by a bomb or anvil). I'm sure this game could be made better by adding aditional xp depending on left over time 15-25 = 1 pt+ or so

The same for dance game, you have to get all 5 clusters of steps correct, yet once again adding extra xp by speed of completion will help those hard core pet mini-gamers

I do hope that KI might take these into consideration

Friday, June 18, 2010

Celestia is leaking!

The info is all at anyways it spans over 2-3 pages. Its all about how we start to do celestia! Turns out Malistare isnt the only main evil wizard. Another day, another army we have to fight ;) anyways with the new lvl cap I will be able to farm for swords :D the fire, ice and life will cease to illude me! Anyways back to celestia, i'm sure we all want to squash some bugs >:D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seraph spazism

Everybody is freaking out over the-use-to-be-admin-only-REGULAR SERAPH PET. Thanks to this new pet update, along with spider pet fanatics, Kensington park has been getting some more love. The final boss stoker (2nd stoker in the tower 5th floor) drops it, the first stoker in the dungeon drops a machine spider, from what I've heard, the first Stoker respawns while the second does not.


Celestia is almost here

If you havent noticed they have released picture #5. And sense Celestia is suppose to be released mid of this month, to early next month. Sense they have like 7 or so more characters blacked out, I think they are gonna have to start releasing 2/+ at a time now. With the new world coming out, I am sure that a lot of old players will be coming back, so we can expect realms to be packed. Anyways it looks cool so far, just saying

Newest fixes for pets

They fixed spiffy-pop, a talen that allows you to be apparently right next to pet in front of you in a derby.

~Ancient pet owners rejoice!~
Now when you play a mini game with your pet, and feed it a snack, even though a bar may be full, the EXPERIENCE will no longer say 0, it will increase by the amount it normally would.