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Monday, June 28, 2010


For all of you guys that have been slaughtering skeletons, farming for a skeleton pet/crabling pet, your day of reconnning is at hand! There is a new tower in marleybone, and trust me by floor 4 you will be crying. There is a myth crab boss. Round one (tries to use wild bolt with 65% accuracy, fizzles) boss uses tower and earthquake! THEN SUMMONS 3 GUARDS! ice life and storm, each time my team lorded the storm would lord back! even without pips x.x
When we killed the storm skeleton the life one would revive it, and the ice would use giant, then next turn we'd get lorded again! o.o (SOS!) Anyways it is 100X harder then grand tower x.x
each time the boss got hit, bam lorded even by a wand attack, then bam tower and sometimes he'd quake with 1 pip :( sadness eh?

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