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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doing only main quests gets you to what level

Well I had this strange question from Angela Ravensong, she said "If you only do main quests can you still get to grand?" Well I said that on oran I did all of the side quests in marleybone krokotopia and wizardcity did doubles of some dungeons and a tiny bit of sides in mooshu and even less in dragonspyre, and I was still only level 48-49. So if you wanna be a grand by the time you get to malistare pick up some side quests that go along with your main, there are a ton of those in wizard city a few in mb kt and ms.


Blaze said...

That's a good question. Based on my experience, I'd say there is no way you'd make grandmaster without doing a lot of side quests. (Unless maybe there's a crowns potion to boost experience that comes into play here.)

I did nearly every side quest there was (except the big dungeons) and did a lot of stuff two or three times as I helped family members. I hit level 50 very close to the end of Dragonspyre so the timing was pretty good. I just assumed that the game was designed so that you'd get to 50 near the end if you did everything, but maybe you need some repeats and/or some Grizzleheim thrown in to be sure.

Blaze Deathcaster (Level 50 Death)
Blaze Windrunner (Level 47 Storm)

Angie (Angela Ravensong) said...

Actually, I have made 3 GM's now and here is how it went. 1st GM I did EVERYTHING in every world and obviously made it to lvl 50 way before Malistair. 2nd and 3rd GMs I did all quests in WC, KT, MS, and DS and still made lvl 50 before Malistair. The GM I am currently working on has finished all of WC, KT, and MS and doing main quests in GH and DS sooooo, I guess we will see how that plays out :)