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Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't fear the reaper? What about the Cryptkeeper?

Well i was procrastinating on doing quests in Gh when I noticed this.

He moved. Why did he move? So I went ot investigate and saw this

Now I know they added crafting to Gh, but I didn't read anything about a whole new room for it, like in dragonspyre. So i thought it was pretty cool.... ice cold (sorry couldn't resist). Anyways thought I'd share this with ya, sense I have been busy questing training pets and what not.


Wolf Winterstaff said...

You know, I had actually been wondering about that, as the recipe for the Watchtower Hall requires a Grizzleheim Crafting Station. Now I know where it is! Thanks!

Suri said...

I totally ported to you when you made this blog entry and took that screen shot, har dee har-har :p