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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Explination on pet's caps

This is an explination of what people call "useless traits, cause I dont do derby"
For this explination I will be using Toby my faithful defenender piggle :D
Ok, SO. Toby was bought before the pet update so he already had the defender trait, but it was reset to 1. If you put your curser over one of the bars of the pet page it will tell you what it increase
Strength- Damage, resist, and pip
Intellect- Mana, accuracy, pip
Agility- Accuracy, health, resist
Will- Health, mana, damage
Power- Health, mana, damage, health, accuracy, resist, and pip. Now here are my pets traits, ignore the values except "Tireless"

So, Toby has, resistance, health, and a bar increase trait. Now many people think the bar increase only helps in derby. It DOES help in derby but also complements other traits. Now say I FULLY train EVERY bar of toby, will intelect power strength ang agility. As you train a pet in a certain area, if it has a trait that corresponds to that area it will increase. Ok so Toby's defense was set back to 1%. I train him in agility, strength, and power. As those bars fill, his defense trait increases. Now it is let's say 7% now with all the resistance bars filled. He now earns the health boost, so I traint in power, will, and agility (sense I already did agility and power it has already increased some).Let's say it ends at 90 health+. Now he earns "tireless" which is +25 strength and agility. With this boost I can train more in those specific sections. Now sense resistance falls under booth those categories, when I train the from the extra space I get from tireless, his resistance goes from 7% to 9% a big help. Also health boost falls under agility so it is boosted to 108. So thanks to the cap increase Toby got improved very well. Now yes it will also mean it takes less morale to cheer for your pet in derby, but we are focusing on outside derby. Now these cap boosts wont always be helpful sense the traits you get are random out of a certain pre-programed 10 (if it's a first generation pet). But I'm sure that Kingsisle made it so the traits will correspond in the end.

IF you have ANY questions on this subject feel free to email me at the address listed!

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