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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hatching might have some unknown effects

So as you know I hatched my colossus and stormzilla and got a colossus back (darn). Anyways you should also know I kept it cause it had a higher pedigree then both. Anyways it seems the colossus I hatched copied some of my zilla's taste in snacks. As most storm pet trainers know before the patch the stormzilla was INCREDIBLY picking about loving snacks. Anyway I had a hunch about my new colossus and feed it the one snack I knew the stormzilla loved .... a moon pie and got this
Yay theory prove so far. That hatching a pet will also send some of their love traits to like traits from the pet opposite of what the pet you recieve is (if not a hybrid) I will have to do some more experimenting before I can say this happens 100% of the time. Wish my luck collecting gold for this >3<.

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