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Monday, October 25, 2010

Minion updates!

No one really posted these so I am.
Ice minion- Now uses ice spells, ice blade, ice bats, ice shark, etc. mostly mutated attacks
Life- Now attacks! mostly uses trap them leprechaun for first two rounds
Fire - now uses the ice storm shield and somescresen, link
Cyclops - health boost and can use ghoul, myth bat, seems to blade you more
Troll - seems to have a health bump
Death - no clue rarely used it lol
Balance - dont have one
Storm - dont know wasnt high enough lvl in live when test started

If someone could submit the info for all 4 balance and the storm that would be wondeful

1 comment:

Sierra Starsong said...

The one thing I really liked about my ice minion before was that he DIDN'T cast any ice spells, so he couldn't blow my traps. If he has a chance of triggering my traps he's useless to me. :(