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Friday, June 18, 2010

Celestia is leaking!

The info is all at anyways it spans over 2-3 pages. Its all about how we start to do celestia! Turns out Malistare isnt the only main evil wizard. Another day, another army we have to fight ;) anyways with the new lvl cap I will be able to farm for swords :D the fire, ice and life will cease to illude me! Anyways back to celestia, i'm sure we all want to squash some bugs >:D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seraph spazism

Everybody is freaking out over the-use-to-be-admin-only-REGULAR SERAPH PET. Thanks to this new pet update, along with spider pet fanatics, Kensington park has been getting some more love. The final boss stoker (2nd stoker in the tower 5th floor) drops it, the first stoker in the dungeon drops a machine spider, from what I've heard, the first Stoker respawns while the second does not.


Celestia is almost here

If you havent noticed they have released picture #5. And sense Celestia is suppose to be released mid of this month, to early next month. Sense they have like 7 or so more characters blacked out, I think they are gonna have to start releasing 2/+ at a time now. With the new world coming out, I am sure that a lot of old players will be coming back, so we can expect realms to be packed. Anyways it looks cool so far, just saying

Newest fixes for pets

They fixed spiffy-pop, a talen that allows you to be apparently right next to pet in front of you in a derby.

~Ancient pet owners rejoice!~
Now when you play a mini game with your pet, and feed it a snack, even though a bar may be full, the EXPERIENCE will no longer say 0, it will increase by the amount it normally would.