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Monday, June 21, 2010

School pet combos and their cards

anyone notice that the new pet combos (here http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=70625)give all the same cards as the pet you start with, with the exception of 2 combos, orthrus and colossus, and wraith with orthrus. If you ask me then it should give the card it looks like and the school type the attack is should be based on what color it is, or the 2nd school pet that was mixed with

New pets

So I was doing some mega questing last night with Noah in Mooshu on Mossback's side quests. As well as farming and helping friends. Anways I got 2 pets from it :)

I actually wanted this but I'd trade it for a life minotaur in a heart beat lol.
I also got this little guy with Noah

But once again in a heart beat I'd trade them lol. Hopefully 1 of the 2 will use spells in battle or give good cards.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pet Games, Slack vs No Slack

As we all have probably noticed, on 2 of the pet games you can get better then perfect and still only get 4 points, these games are the cannon and maze games.
Cannon to get 4 points- 2 bullseye (yellow) and 1 Good Job(Red, yet some of us can get 3 Bullseyes, yet we still get 4 points. KI I suggest you tweak that game so if you get 3 bullseyes you get 5 points (being fair to the good players)
Maze- Gather 70 snacks for 4 points, any higher and still 4, I have gotten up to 90/+ before yet now I normally stop at 70 to do something else while the time runs out. KI I think that if you get 85 or 90 you should get 5 points, and 105 or all 6-7 points.

I know for those pet fanatics, they would love this, sense we can only play up to a couple of games then have to wait hours to be able to train more

Verses gobbler catch and dance game, where for gobbler you have to fill up all of the bars to get full credit, luckily the game stops when you hit full. Faster falling objects are worth more points, bombs and anvils slow speed and loss bar xp. Clocks increase time, yet also lower bar xp, hour glasses increase bar xp, slow all items, and increase your pets speed(as well as making it normal if you were slowed down by a bomb or anvil). I'm sure this game could be made better by adding aditional xp depending on left over time 15-25 = 1 pt+ or so

The same for dance game, you have to get all 5 clusters of steps correct, yet once again adding extra xp by speed of completion will help those hard core pet mini-gamers

I do hope that KI might take these into consideration