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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finally I get a life sword!

Noah finally got a life sword, Redwind's Veridian Blade. Thanks Angela for helping me get this! You can see the pictures of the sword and Angie in the previous post.

Hard work payed off! Angie's wonderful wonderland!

Ok, well... my friend Angela RavenSong FINALLY finished her SUPER long awaited project. As soon as she went on to the test realm it was open, I heard her yell across the spiral, "OH MY GOSH! I SO WANT THAT! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!". Anyways she went RIGHT back to live realm and started on the recipes for the house. And here are some pictures from the house along with her friends, Fallon AshBlood and Elizabeth DreamWalker.
I loved this spot
I thought this was a good idea sadly it didn't turn out so well
Some of her many statues she farmed for lol
The girls really liked here but again distance problem
Taking this picture made me fall like I was gonna fall into Alice's Wonderland, lol.

Anyways now I can pick all the reagents I see when she's around lol.
Congrats once again, and keep on crafting. Good luck getting the other items crafted from the grizzleheim recipe vender!
Sorry for the pictures, for some reason I couldn't resize all of them besides the first.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Noah felt left out

With Alex getting Rufus to ancient, Noah felt left out, so he came out with his own mega pet! And he just HAD to show us some animations!

Now this blade you get after usint this card does 40% extra damage

(So what? We already have a 40% blade.) Well guess what, you can use both the blade from the ice bird AND the ice blade you cast on yourself! I did this with my balance friend having a regular balefrost, balance blade, blade storm, elemental blade, ice bird's blade, and an ice blade on War Oni. It did 785 damage per round, yikes! Sense I can do most of the damage without help my friend realized not to challange me to a 1v1 anytime soon lol. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally my LIFE is complete

I finally got Rufus, my life minotaur to ancient. YES! My Life ... wizard ... is complete! He also gives 4% life accuracy and 7% life defense too, awesome huh? Sadly no life shield proc. BUT, I can STILL make it so he gives more accuracy and defense, hehehe all in due time. In the picture is my life, Alex, and one of my Best friends in game Death or otherwise SURI UNICORNGEM! Go Suri! Besides Friendly she is the only other death I know that likes unicorns lol

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hatching might have some unknown effects

So as you know I hatched my colossus and stormzilla and got a colossus back (darn). Anyways you should also know I kept it cause it had a higher pedigree then both. Anyways it seems the colossus I hatched copied some of my zilla's taste in snacks. As most storm pet trainers know before the patch the stormzilla was INCREDIBLY picking about loving snacks. Anyway I had a hunch about my new colossus and feed it the one snack I knew the stormzilla loved .... a moon pie and got this
Yay theory prove so far. That hatching a pet will also send some of their love traits to like traits from the pet opposite of what the pet you recieve is (if not a hybrid) I will have to do some more experimenting before I can say this happens 100% of the time. Wish my luck collecting gold for this >3<.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't fear the reaper? What about the Cryptkeeper?

Well i was procrastinating on doing quests in Gh when I noticed this.

He moved. Why did he move? So I went ot investigate and saw this

Now I know they added crafting to Gh, but I didn't read anything about a whole new room for it, like in dragonspyre. So i thought it was pretty cool.... ice cold (sorry couldn't resist). Anyways thought I'd share this with ya, sense I have been busy questing training pets and what not.