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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wraith hits ancient

See? :o

Sampson hits ancient and the work payed off! Attack, pip, health, omg. I wonder if I train him more what he will give... maybe defense? Anyways he is one of my luckiest new pets(obtained after update) so far

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doing only main quests gets you to what level

Well I had this strange question from Angela Ravensong, she said "If you only do main quests can you still get to grand?" Well I said that on oran I did all of the side quests in marleybone krokotopia and wizardcity did doubles of some dungeons and a tiny bit of sides in mooshu and even less in dragonspyre, and I was still only level 48-49. So if you wanna be a grand by the time you get to malistare pick up some side quests that go along with your main, there are a ton of those in wizard city a few in mb kt and ms.

Wizard maintenance

Well hopefully they reduced the lag in crowded servers, but it doest take a long time to log on now with the line up and all. Though I am logging on at about 11:45am my time, so how many people could be on? Kids, teens, adults with no work, adults with nightshift.... Nevermind that is a lot lol, wiz is just that popular. Oooh I got to my character screen... aw says its too busy rats :/ not cool anyways I am gonna pick a wizard and stick with it sense it was like this last time and I changed got booted out and had to restart/wait in line. Farming with oran time! >w< if i can get on lol
See you in the spiral!
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Knowing what you got from hatching without going to the dye shop

The key is seeing if it says "___ only" really. As well as hatching time, normally a school pet obtained from hatching is 18 hours. While a hybrid is 21 I believe. And the proof is in the pudding. (Points bellow) That pudding.

Oran hits grand, new siggy hat!

All the necromancers are doing it now'a days lol. Oran claims this hat as his signature hat lol.

Anyways it's cool I have a grand necromancer Now. now all I need is his shoes, storm shoes and deck, and life deck and I have all my grand gear. The question is who next to level, fire or myth? We'll see ~~~