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Friday, July 9, 2010

Pet hatching

Yay the price was cut in half! If not more! Anyways I hatched my Colossus, Leo 54(16) with my Stormzilla, Barney 53(11) and somehow got another colossus that is 55(0). Whats up with that? Thought they were suppose to be either same as the higher one or lower. Guess this colossus is special ;) I hope so lol

The patch is on

The newest lovely patch is up! Yet sadly not even level cap increase by 2. As well it takes some time to get on wizard. Dont worry it takes everyone a bit. It also takes a bit to change wizards too. Dragonspyre is now solo-able for ice students without taking 30 minutes on some battles woot lol

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New marleybone tower haters rejoice!

From zeke, the new tower in marleybone wont be required to go to Cl(celestia)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The way I think a pet should level

I have seen quiet a few posts on here about how someone got a pet and trained it for a long time to get a talent like +25 will and they found it useless. Sense when wizards level up, why not make it so a pet does too? What I mean is add ANOTHER columb.
Talents _(whatever you name it,KI) Derby
talents would be like they are now -the boosts and replacing with other minor things.Derby wouldn't change and This way it would balance the people who just want to use pets to fight and the derby racers. Don't you think?