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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celestia is live

Really KI, worst day to pick, eva, besides monday of course. (Besides Mondays I dislike Wensdays too lol). Why couldn't it be on the weekend like the test realm? Well there'd be major major MAJOR trafic, I get that. But still. Anyways I am going back to training my death again to legendary. By the way,

Slight spoiler alert~~~~~
in the final dungeon, there are 7 battles required. 3 of which are boss battles. The first boss is the hardest. You want someone that can do DoTs to keep his shields off. They are like 95% or so.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Minion updates!

No one really posted these so I am.
Ice minion- Now uses ice spells, ice blade, ice bats, ice shark, etc. mostly mutated attacks
Life- Now attacks! mostly uses trap them leprechaun for first two rounds
Fire - now uses the ice storm shield and somescresen, link
Cyclops - health boost and can use ghoul, myth bat, seems to blade you more
Troll - seems to have a health bump
Death - no clue rarely used it lol
Balance - dont have one
Storm - dont know wasnt high enough lvl in live when test started

If someone could submit the info for all 4 balance and the storm that would be wondeful

Ready or not

Starts spinning and says in musical tone; Ready (spin) or (sping) not (spin) here comes celestia. Tomorrow it comes to LIVE so you wizs on labyrinth or higher quest like crazy, and skip those sides for the momment.